BTS' RM Beating Henry Cavill Being The Most Handsome Man Has The Internet Divided! Netizens Say "Are You Shitting Me?" As The ARMYs Defend Their Favourite (2023)

BTS' RM Beating Henry Cavill Being The Most Handsome Man Has The Internet Divided! Netizens Say "Are You Shitting Me?" As The ARMYs Defend Their Favourite (1)

Korean boy band BTS’s leader RM and Hollywood’s Superman Henry Cavill have dominated and made huge earrings in their respective areas, but recently the two have been buzzing on the internet due to their looks. Recently, according to a survey, it was noted that RM was chosen as the world’s most handsome man over Henry Cavill.

RM leads the biggest boy band in K-pop history, and gave many hits like Butter, Life Goes On, and many more. Henry Cavill began his career in the movie Laguna back in 2001, slowly making his space in our hearts with his swoon-worthy looks.



According to the TC Candler platform in a survey given out by them, BTS’ RM aka Kim Nam-Joon was selected to be the world’s most handsome man, beating Superman fame Henry Cavill to come in second on the list. While this poll is not a confirmation but a prediction, the final count is said to be published in December. Still, this advanced announcement only has created a storm on social media.

BTS ARMY has gone into a frenzy with the news of RM overtaking (the already handsome man) Henry Cavill as the world’s most handsome man. This is a huge achievement for the Korean singer and the ARMY tends to enjoy every moment of it. They took it to their Twitter accounts to share the news and their views while congratulating the rapper as well.

Check out ARMY’s reaction to the poll.

Men in my Facebook so enraged that Namjoon of BTS was declared Worlds most handsome man over Henry Cavill like Superman their boyfriend or something 😂 hella sus

— this Coke is a Fanta (@ihemuyou) August 22, 2022

#bts #btsfan #btsarmy #KimNamjoon #HenryCavill WHY IM NOT SURPRISED

— Noemi Rocha (@noemi_rocha_) August 21, 2022

Mhmm I know that’s right 😌||| BTS’s Kim Namjoon replaces Henry Cavill as the world’s most handsome man

— Adi⁷ loves Joonie🌳 (@inJooniesPocket) August 22, 2022

No offence but I always thought that Henry Cavill looked like a muscular rectangle not a handsome person

— arsonist⁷ (@0daughterofzeus) August 21, 2022

He deserves it. The most beautiful person inside & out. @BTS_twt our leader, our Joonie, our Joon, our Namjoon, our #RM

— Ms. AlexV⁷ 💜 BTS 🇨🇦 AFOBANGFO (@MarieAlexVeneza) August 21, 2022

While we have ARMY who are celebrating the moment to the core, there is a huge audience who is quite shocked by the poll’s results. Many of the users being in support of the Superman actor were not able to figure out how RM was picked over Henry. They took it to the social media account sharing their views on the matter even trolling the Korean singer and ARMY for the same.

Check out the netizen’s reaction to the poll.

BTS member Kim Namjoon was named World's MOST HANDSOME MAN in 2022 by TC Candler.
Henry Cavill is on Second place.

What is happening 😂

— Tushar ॐ♫₹ (@Tushar_KN) August 21, 2022

Why was Ching Chang Poon Tang of BTS named "prettier than Henry Cavill"? Well:

— Isaac (@FloridaManPig) August 22, 2022

we have to laugh. im so sorry but what is this??

— ᴺᴹ (@RXBERTPRINT) August 20, 2022

I agree that everyone has their own definition of "beautiful/handsome" but I have to object here. Please, please. Henry Cavill is milllllessss ahead dude.
Sorry BTS fans.

— MithiB (@MithiMirchi10) August 20, 2022

Henry Cavill lost to the bts guy. Are you SHITTING ME!!!

— Pradyumna Kulkarni (@_KulPrady_) August 22, 2022

Well, what are your views on the World’s most handsome man poll? Who do you think will win, Henry Cavill or RM? Do let us know down in the comments.

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