Kunci Jawaban Peerless Scholar Rise Of Kingdoms (2023)

Semua kunci jawaban dari pertanyaan event Peerless Scholar (Cendikiawan Sejati) Rise Of Kingdoms! apakah sobat merasa kesulitan dalam menjawabnya?

Semua kunci jawaban dari pertanyaan event Peerless Scholar (Cendikiawan Sejati) Rise Of Kingdoms 300++! apakah sobat merasa kesulitan dalam menjawab soal-soal didalam event ini?

Kunci Jawaban Peerless Scholar Rise Of Kingdoms (1)

Jangan khawatir karena CatatanDroid pun dibuat pusing oleh event yang satu ini.lol.

Namun berkat semua kemudahan internet di zaman sekarang ini, maka dibawah ini telah CatatanDroid rangkum semua jawabannya. So jangan pusing lagi ya!

Event Peerless Scholar Lyceum of Wisdom RoK

Event ini hampir setiap minggu hadir di dalam game RoK, yang mana di dalamnya terbagi menjadi 2 sesi:

  1. Preliminary exam
  2. Midterm

Preliminary exam

Dalam fase ini kita akan dihadapkan pertanyaan setiap harinya, yang mana jika kita berhasil menjawab minimal 6 pertanyaan disini maka kita dapat berlanjut ke ujian puncak mingguan atau Midterm.


Ini adalah ujuan puncak di Peerless Scholarship, midterm terbagi menjadi 2 waktu, yakni hari Sabtu atau Hari Minggu.

Pemain dapat memilih untuk mengikuti di salah satu hari tersebut, tidak bisa keduanya.

Saat di dalam ujian Midterm, semua pemain akan diberikan pertanyaan dan ada perhitungan waktu mundurnya yang hanya 10-15 detik saja!

Hadiah event sesi Midterm:

Kunci Jawaban Peerless Scholar Rise Of Kingdoms (2)
Diamonds - Gold Keys - Speedup - Rss Crates

Peerless Scholar Answers to All Questions Rise of Kingdoms

Who wrote the well-known science fiction series “Dune”? Frank Herbert

What outstanding contribution to science won biologist Karl Landsteiner the Nobel Prize? Discovering the human blood groups

Which of these effect is NOT caused by Aethelflaed’s skills? Healing slightly wounded units

Which of the following is NOT a suit in poker? Winds

Which of the following is the correct description for the stratosphere? It is warm above and cold below

What useful tool did famed carpenter Lu Ban invent? The saw

Pandas have 5 clawed toes on as well as a sixth digit. What do pandas use their sixth digit for? To hold bamboo while eating.

What is the capital of the Republic of Chile? Santiago

Which of the below figures were not Knights of King Arthur’s Round Table? Merlin

Which of these is not an ancient civilization of the Americas? The Sumerians

How long did the Hundred Years war last? 116 years

Which artist painted the world-famous “Girl with a Pearl Earring”? Johannes Vermeer

Which country did Zarathustra, of the tone poem “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, come from? Persia

Which of the following works was written by the French playwright Pierre Corneille? Le Cid

In ancient Greek mythology, who was the wife of Hades, the king of the underworld? Persephone

In ROK, the Hwarang is which civilization’s special unit? Korea

The saying, “The Empire on which the sun never sets” was originally used in reference to which country’s empire? Spain

What can “Masonry” technology help you to improve? The building speed of buildings in your city

What is the main purpose of white bloog cells in the human body? Fighting infection and desease

Which of the following countries is located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere? None of these answers are correct

Which of the following accurately describes the Arctic Circle? Polar Day and Polar Night are phenomenons that occur there

Which of the following illnesses can caused by a lack of Vitamin D? Rickets

Which technology comes right before Swordsman? Iron Working

Which of the following is NOT one of Lohar’s skills?Utter Annihilation

Which of the following is not King Skill?Relief

Which of the following is NOT one of Matilda of Flanders' skills? Celtic Blood

Who made the idea “Troy”?Odysseus

Which of the following is another name for the “Black Death” that raged across the Europe during the Late Middle Ages?Yersinia petis

Which of the following juice is contained in the classic cocktail “Bloody Mary”?Tomato Juice

In which city is Denmark’s statue of The Little Mermaid located?Copenhagen

What is China’s earliest known book of military strategy?Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”

In Greek mythology, what was the name of Hades’ 3-headed dog which guarded the gates of the UnderworldCerberus

Founder of Edo Bakufu? Tokugawa Ieyasu

Who was the first human woman created by Hephaestus in Greek mythology?Pandora

Which commander was in charge of capturing Constantinople at the age of 21?Mehmed II

Which of the following fruits, known as “wolf peach”, were erroneously thought to be poisonous?Tomatoes

Which of the following was also known as the Eastern Roman Empire?Byzantine Empire

Which of the following French Kings was known as the Sun King?Louis XIV

Which inventor built the world’s first electric locomotive in 1837?Robert Davidson

Which type of holy sites grant troop attack bonuses?Flame Altar

Which of the following can NOT be found in Alliance Shops?Golden Key

What is Belisarius’ nickname?Last of the Romans

Which European country’s king funded Christopher Columbus’ famous expedition?Spain

From the 17th to 19th centuries, the Kingdom of Prussia was mostly in which modern countryGermany

Official measure Martin LutherEdict of Worms

Which was a lighthouse built after Macedonia conquered Egypt and waste of the seven wonders of the ancient world?The Lighthouse of Alexandria

Who was the last emperor of All Russia?Nicholas II

Whose beauty is said to have been the cause of the Trojan War?Helen

Northern Humanists like Erasmus were most commonly known for what?Interest in religion and social form

Which German psychologist discovered the human brain’s forgetting curve?Hermann Ebbinghaus

What is the conversion ratio of amperes (A) to milliamperes (mA)?1/1000

Which of the following did Desiderius Erasmus and Thomas More have in common?Both were considered humanists

Who first implemented the Julian Calendar in Rome?Julius Caesar

Which of the following is the world’s largest island?Greenland

Which commander signed a peace treaty with Saladin in 1192?Richard I

Which mammalian order does Suidae belong to?Artiodactyla

Who was believed to be the prototype of king of hearts in poker?Charlemagne

What did Spartacus do as a slave before leading the biggest slave rebellion of Ancient Rome?A gladiator

Who proposed the philosophical idea of “I think, therefore I am”?Descartes

Which of the following marine species has existed the longest?Nautilus

Which country gave the Statue of Liberty ti American people as a gift?France

(Video) Rise of Kingdoms Peerless Scholar Midterm

Which of the following physicists was born on the death anniversary of Galileo Galilei, and died on the birth anniversary of Albert Einstein?Stephen Hawking

Who was called “Napoleon of crime” in some of the Sherlock Holmes stories?Professor Moriarty

Which of the following the world’s largest island?Greenland

Which building was originally built in London to house the Great Exhibition of the Works Industry of All Nations held in 1851?The Crystal Palace

Which commander is named death hydromel?Sarka

Which of these is not a natural resource?Clothing

The Punic Wars were fought by Ancient Rome and what other Ancient Empire?Carthage

Who was the last female Pharaoh of the Ptolemy Dynasty?Cleopatra VII

Raphael is best known for his creation of which of the following?School of Athens

How many phases are there in The Mightiest Governor event?5

Which commander is known as Kamakura’s warlord?Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Which of these is used to rally alliance troops?Castle

What is the highest level a City Hall can reach in Rise of Kingdoms?25

Which country started the tradition of the 8-hour workday?United Kingdom

Which of the following was NOT invented in China?Seismographs

Which country is not in Europe?Egypt

Which of the following commanders excels at attacking enemy cities?Caesar

While Gutenberg introduced the printing press in Europe, his invention was influenced by which country, the first to develop a moveable type?China

Which of the following was built at the order of Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal?Taj Mhal

how many times is the character 1 used when you write from numbers 1 to number 99?20

In which country did the Carlist Wars take place during the 19th century?Spain

Which war was fought between the Bristish houses of Lancaster and York for the throne of England?The Wars of the Roses

Insufficient intake of which element may case thyromegaly?Iodine

Official measure Martin LutherDiet of Worms

Which French monarch was known as Saint Louis?Louis IX

Which country in Asia overlaps with the former Parthian empire?Iran

What is the softest material known to mankind?Talc

One of the Knights of the Round TableLancelot

The three kingdoms of Korea where Baekje, Silla, and?Goguryeo

Which of the following is a nonrenewable energy source (such as coal, oil, or natural gas)?Fossil Fuel

Which of the following is an alternative energy source based on splitting heavy atoms into lighter ones to release energy?Nuclear energy

Which war ended the rule of the House of Plantagenet and began the rule of the Tudors in England?The Wars of the Roses

The four major varieties of Guzheng in Ancient China were the Haozhong, Luqi, Jiaowei, and the…?Raoliang

Not one of El Cid’s skills?Chivalry

With whom did Minamoto no Yoshitsune raise an army to fight Taira no Kiyomori?Minamoto no Yoritomo

What color is a polar bears skin?Black

Egyptians made paper from which material?Papyrus

The differences among a species, like different bird beaks, are calledVariations

What is the length of a marathon in kilometers?42.2 Km

Which part of the brain will alcohol affect?The Cerebellum

What is the troop health bonus you can get from a fully upgraded Hospital?1%

What are the Books of Covenant used for?Upgrading Castle

How many Elite Commanders are there in the game?5

The three great philosophers of ancient Greece were Plato, Aristotle, and?Socrates.

Which of the following can not be found in a Silver Chest at the tavern?Lvl. 3 Tome of knowledge

Which unit type is strong against Archers?Cavalry

Which unit type is strong against Cavalry?Infantry

Who is the commander considered an enemy of Rome since childhood?Hannibal Barca

Which of these commanders was able to defeat the great Charles in the battle?

Who painted The Last Supper?Leonardo Da Vinci

Ancient Egyptian history spans how many kingdoms?3 – Old, Middle, New

Who is the King of the Kingdom?Leader of the alliance that conquers the lost temple

Renaissance painters in Flanders, as in Italy, tended to produce what type of artwork?Realistic

What provided the major economic support for the renaissance?Wealthy Patrons

Why are advantageous traits more likely to be passed onto offspring?because they are more likely to survive and produce…

After its foundation in the 6th century BCE, which institution of the Roman Republic served as a consultative parliament?The Senate

What is the name for electricity produced by water power using large dams in a river?Hydroelectric power

The process of splitting atoms is known asFission

Santa Claus travels on a sleigh pulled by what animal?Reindeer

Which war was fought between British houses of Lancaster and York for the throne of England?The Wars of the Roses

Which of these was the only commander to defeat Cyrus the great in battle?Tomyris

Which of the following commanders joined a rebellion against her own husband?Constance

Which commander is nicknamed the Roaring Barbarian?Lohar

Which of the following resources cannot be found in your jeans?Lead

Which commander was paired with Minamoto?Tomoe Gozen

Which of the following was a general during Japan’s Genpei War?Tomoe Gozen

In Greek mythology, to whom did Paris the prince of troy give golden apple inscribed with to the most beautiful goddess?Aphrodite

Which of the following is not a characteristic of renaissance art?Flat/Two-dimensional

Which famous and influential family did the famous Renaissance art patron Duke Lorenzo belong to?Medici

Wealthy family in FlorenceMedicis

Which of the following was not a pillar of the Renaissance?Mannerism

Which of the following was a Renaissance intellectual movement in which thinkers studied classical texts and focused on human potential and achievements?Humanism

(Video) Peerless Scholar: Kunci jawaban #001

Which period of European history, lasting from 1300 to 1600, saw renewed interest in classical culture and led to far-reaching changes in art, learning, and views of the world?Renaissance

Without using buffs, how many action points can a governor have?1,000

Which unit strong against infantry?Archer

Who commanded the New Model Army founded by Parliament during the English Civil War?Cromwell

Who is considered the “Father of Modern Olympic Games”?Pierre de Coubertin

When is the declaration of independence?1776

Who was the first Emperor of Rome?Gaius Octavius Augustus

Unit type strong against Infantry?Archer

Where did king Louis XIV of France move to royal court to in 1682?Palace of Versailles

Which beverage was invented by American pharmacist John Pemberton?Coca Cola

Which of the following commander excels at gathering resources?Cleopatra VII

The more genetic variation a population has, the more likely it is that some individual will what?Survive

Which commander excels at leading infantry?Richard I

Ashoka the great was the king of which ancient kingdom?Maurya Dynasty

Which artist designed St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican?Michelangelo

Who was praised by his countryman as ancient Greece’s best and most honest democratic representatives? Pericles

What is the name of the revolution in 1688 which established the British constitutional monarchy? Glorious Revolution

Which part of the brain will alcohol affect? Cerebellum

Who was the emperor of the first French Empire?Napoleon Bonaparte

The process Of combining atoms is known as what? Fusion

Which of the following is not Pelagius passive skill? Charge

Which Prominent statesman served as the first general of the Edo Shogunate at the end of Japan’s warring states period?Tokugawa Ieyasu

Which was the only ancient civilization to develop in a tropical jungle rather than a river basin? The Incas

Which of the following was an enemy of Richard the Lionheart? Saladin

In Greek mythlogy, which hero quested for the golden fleece? Jason

Which landmark in Sydney, Australia is shaped like sails? Opera House

Where do adaptations come from?Both mutations and Genetic recombination.

Where did Genghis Khan start building his Mongolian Empire?Asia

Who was the founder of the Mongolian Empire? Genghis Khan

what is the name for the phenomenon by which organisms that are better adapted to the environment survive to pass traits to their offspring? Natural Selection

Which of the following commanders was part of the hundred years war? Joan of Arc

Which commander was nicknamed mead of death? Sarka

What is a monotheist? Only believe in one god.

What discovery made the deciphering of hieroglyphics possible ?Rosetta stone.

Eyeglasses are composed of quartz, sand, and what? Petroleum

When Achilles refuses to fight, Patroclus puts on Achilles armor, fights the trojans, and dies, who is Patroclus killed by?Hector

In which year did Richard and Saladin sign a truce?1192

Mutations are important because they bring about what? Genetic Variation needed for a population to evolve

In Ark of Osiris which speedup can be used?Healing Speed Up

How did Saladin change the Middle East?Palestine

Which of the following is not part of Mexico’s flag? Camel

Which commander was known as the Celtic Rose? Boudica

Which type of natural disaster is measured using the Richter scale?Earthquake

Which is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the largest cumulative circulation of any single-author comic? Eiichiro Oda / One Piece

In Ancient Greece, which philosopher liked to discuss ideas on a street which then got the nickname Peripatetic School?Aristotle

Galileo’s Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment overturned a theory of which Ancient Greek scientists? Aristotle

Which commander showed their military genius in the Battle of Poitiers in the 8th century AD? Charles Martel

Which commander showed their military genius in the Battle of Tours in the 8th century AD? Charles Martel

Where did the soldiers of Ancient Rome get their weapons and armor?Themselves

Who wrote the Art of War? Sun Tzu

During the Trojan War, which Greek warrior killed Hector? Achilles

Which of the following is Zeus’ elder brother in Geek Mythology? Poseidon

When was the Declaration of Independence written? 1776

The Mughal Empire carried Islam to where? Most of India

Which musical instrument has six strings? Guitar

The four biggest musicals in the world are Cats, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, and? The Phantom of the Opera

France and Germany were both once part of what Kingdom?Francia

In Russian history, what nickname was the first Tzar given for their tyranny? Ivan the Terrible

Which of the following is considered a metallic resource? Iron

Which commander is known as the Conqueror of Chaos?Cao Cao

Which of the Babylonian Codes of Law was the first full set of written laws in recorded history? The Code of Hammurabi

Which European wrote the first travelogue detailing China’s history, culture, and art? Marco Polo

China’s crosstalk sketch comedy format originates in three places: Tianqiao in Beijing, the Quanty Bazaar in Tianjin and where in Nanjing? Fuzimiao

Homer’s ‘The Iliad’ focuses on events happening during which war or battle?The Trojan War

Which of the following serves as the national flower of the Philippines? Sampaguita

What is the name for electricity produced by water using large dams in a river?Hydroelectric energy

Whose autobiography “Living to Tell the Tale” won them the Nobel Prize in Literature? Gabriel García Márquez

Which official measure made it a crime to give Martin Luther food or shelter? Edict of Worms

Which ancient civilization built the “Lost City” of Machu Picchu? The Incas

Which of these cities hosted the Olympics in 1900? Paris

The Taj Mahal was built during which Indian Dynasty? The Mughal Dynasty

Which emperor issued the Proclamation of Milan?Constantine I

(Video) Cara Cepat Menjawab Lyceum of Wisdom! Jangan Sia-Siakan Reward Harianmu! Rise of Kingdoms Indonesia

Which of the following achievements must be completed before the “Special Snowflake” achievement? Long-range strike

What is Commander Lancelot good at?Leading cavalry units

What is Commander Baybars good at? Leading cavalry units

What is Commander Hermann good at? Leading Archers

When a governor’s city hall reaches level 25, how many farms can they build? 4

What is commander Keira good at? Leading archers

What is commander Osman I good at? Attacking Cities

Which buff can be acquired from occupying a Sanctum of Courage?Increase EXP gained by commanders

When catching and releasing deep sea fish,why is it important to pierce their swim bladder?To prevent them from dying of distended swim bladders

Which of the following factors allows certain mixed drinks to be layered? Density

Which of the following cat breeds is known for being hairless? Sphynx

When is the International Day of Forests? March 21

When is the World No Tobacco Day? May 31

When did dinosaurs first exist?Triassic

Which nation was NOT involved in the Battle of Waterloo? Italy

What is commander Sun Tzu good at? Leading city garrisons.

The air often feels fresher after a thunderstorm because it has been enriched with which gas? Ozone

The great Asoka, which was the king of the ancient Indian kingdom? Maurya

Who came up with the Trojan Horse idea? Who won the Trojan War?Odysseus; The Greeks

Which one of the following is not one of Hermann’s skills? Irresistible

Keira once defied the world’s expectations about her in a glorious battle. Where did this battle take place? Sunset Canyon

What is the Commander Hannibal Barca good at? Attacking cities

Who came up with the Trojan horse idea?Odysseus

Who won the Trojan war?The Greeks

old part empire now on which asian country lands? Iran

What is Commander Eulji Mundeok good at? Leading infantry units

What causes lunar eclipses?The earth moves directly between the sun and the moon

During the Second Punic War, in which battle did a vastly outnumbered Hannibal defeat a Roman army?The Battle of Cannae

“The end justifies the means” was a key belief of the author of “The Prince”. What was his name? Machiavelli

One “day” on the planet Venus is approximately equal to how many earth days? 243 days

Which of the following nations is the closest to the North Pole? Finland

Which of the following is NOT one of the major greenhouse gases in earth’s atmosphere? Nitrogen

What was another usage of gin, aside from being a popular drink, in the 18th century? Medicine

China’s Temple of Heaven was built during the reign of which emperor? The Yongle Emperor (Zhu Di)

Which of the following is NOT one of Keira’s skills? Unruly Blood

The kingdom title ‘Queen’ increases which of the following?Gathering Speed

How many bones does an adult human have? 206

Who funded Christopher Colombus’s travels? Spain

Who was the first of Henry VIII’s children to rule England?Edward VI

Henry I took the throne of Englnd in the year 1100 after which relative died? His Brother

What causes the distinctive smell in the air after it rains? The influence of actinomycetes

Of the following nations, which has the smallest area? Vatican City

What is the hardest part of the human body?Tooth Enamel

In most cases, what kind of mosquitoes will drink animal blood?Female mosquitos

Which historical figure is entombed in Palenque’s Temple of the Inscriptions? Pakal the Great

Where did King John of England agree to the Magna Carta in 1215? Runnymede

Which of the following is an accurate description of the Mediterranean climate?Hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.

Which of the following commanders excels at leading cavalry?Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Which of the following does not award Individual Credits?Giving resources to allies.

Which Portuguese explorer sailed from the Cape of Good Hope to India?Vasco de Gama

Why do frogs and other organisms produce so many eggs/offspring?the more offspring produced the more likely they will survive

What are Arrows of Resistance used for?Upgrading Watch Tower

Of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, which comes first?Rat / Mouse

Which Civilization was the first to have public toilets?Ancient Rome

Which of the following is a fossil fuel formed from marine organisms that is often found in folded or tilted layers and used for heating and cooking?Natural Gas

From the 8th to the 11th century CE, what did Europeans frequently call the Scandinavian invaders who frequently ravaged their lands?Vikings

Which of the following is an inexhaustible energy resource that relies on hot magma or hot dry rocks below ground?Geo

Which of the following is considered an energy source?Petroleum

The Renaissance was a “Rebirth” ofClassical Culture

Advantages of Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press include all of the following exceptIncrease in church power

Who invented the printing press?Johann Gutenberg

Who founded the Kingdom of Asturias?Pelagius

Which of the following do not give commanders EXP?Attacking other players

Raphael is best known for?School of Athens

How many fingers does the cartoon character mickey mouse have on each hand?4

Which Portuguese explorer was the first European to sail to the southern tip of Africa?Bartolomeu Dias

In which country was air conditioning invented?USA

The two capitals of Austria – Hungary were Budapest and?Vienna

In Greek Mythology, what is the relationship between Zeus and Hermes?Father and son

In Greek mythology, which hero requested for the Golden Fleece?Jason

Where did the renaissance begin?Italy

Who painted the Mona Lisa?Leonardo da Vinci

(Video) How to answer peerless scholar of rise of kingdoms easily #shorts

Movable type was first used in which country?China

The “Windsor knot” was made popular by which king of England?Edward VIII

Which ancient Greek scholar laid the foundations for future European mathematics and authored the “Elements” of geometry?Euclid

Which of the following is a Phase of the Mightiest Governor?Enemy Elimination

Which of these two were created by Leonardo da Vinci?The Last Supper, Mona Lisa

Which war was fought between the British?War of Roses

Which commander is nicknamed Carthage’s Guardian?Hannibal Barca

What two major works are attributed to homer?The Odyssey and the Iliad

Which of the following is not an objective of Greek mythology?Provide a path for salvation

Which commander is nicknamed the Father of Conquest?Baibars

Where do most hurricanes start?On the Open Seas

Which commander is known as the Lady of the Mercians?Æthelflæd

Which landmark in Sydney, Australia is shaped like sails?Sydney Opera House

Egypt’s economy was primarily based on what?Agriculture

Which planet in our solar system rotates the fastest?Jupiter

Which commander was part of the Battle of Red Cliffs?Cao Cao

What is Julius Caesar’s nickname?Uncrowned king

Who was the only king of England to be executed?Charles I

What four words saying did Oda Nobunaga live by?Rule With Absolute Force

Which of the following is not a reason why the renaissance began in Italy?The black plague did not hit Italy as a result of the alps

Which of the following is not an objective of Greek mythology?Provide path of salvation

Under normal circumstances, which layer of the sun can we see with the naked eye?Photosphere

Which commander is known as Barbarossa?Frederick I

Which of the following does the green Olympic Ring represent?Oceania

Which Ancient Greek physicist famously discovered the concept of buoyancy while taking a bath?Archimedes

How do you get Alliance Technology credits?By donating to the Alliance

Egypt’s economy was primarily based on?Agriculture

In Greek mythology, what was Achilles’ only weak point?His heel

Mutations are a change in what?DNA

What honorary rank was the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)?Colonel

Which city-state of Ancient Greece was known for its Brutal military training and bravery?Sparta

Which of the following describes a monotheist?Someone who warships 1 god.

To whom did India give title mahatma?Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

How many action points can a governor have?1000

Which of the following is a name for sedimentary rock formed from decayed plant materiel in swampy areas?Coal

Ashoka the Great was the king of which Ancient Indian kingdom?Maurya

On which continent is the human race generally thought to have originated?Africa

What is the name for renewable energy derived from burning organic materials such as wood and alcohol?Biomass

Where did King Louis XIV of France move the royal Court to in 1682?Palace of Versailles

Who was the Emperor of the First French Empire?Napoleon Bonaparte

Which of the following commanders excels at leading archers?Yi Seong-Gye

Who founded the joseon dynasty?Yi Seong-Gye

First general of the Edo shogunate?Tokugawa Ieyasu

What is the center of a hurricane called?Eye

Wales officially became part of the Kingdom of Great Britain during the reign of which King?King Henry VIII

Queen Victoria of England was part of which royal house?The house of Hanover

Which of the seven wonders of the world were created to cure the new Queen of Babylon’s homesickness?The Hanging Gardens

Which of the following is a nonrenewable energy source?Water

Which commander was considered an enemy of Rome from an early age?Hannibal Barca

Which art group is known as a “National Treasure” of Canada?Cirque du Soleil

Which Roman Emperor was named Augustus after ending a civil war?Gaius Octavius

In Norse mythology, who wielded the weapon Gungnir?Odin

Northern Humanists Like Erasmus were most Commonly Known for what?The Religions

During the Renaissance, why was Florence significant?Birthplace of the Renaissance

In Ark of Osiris, where are you supposed to take the Ark?Escort the Ark to a non-enemy building

Which group conquered the Byzantine Empire?The Ottomans

Where was the rallying point for the First Crusade?Constantinople

Which of the following is a term for a valuable material of geologic origin that can be extracted from the earthNatural Resources

Which city hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics?Sydney

Which of the following is a liquid fossil fuel formed from marine organisms that is burned to obtain energy and used to manufacture plastics?Oil

Who killed Hector and how Achilles die?Achilles; Arrow though his heel

First created in Ancient Greece, to which profession does Hippocratic oath apply?Doctors

Who instituted the Julian Calendar?Julius Caesar

Who owned everything in ancient Egyptian Kingdoms?Pharaoh

Who was the last female Pharaoh of the Ptomely Dynasty?Cleopatra

Which part of the human body contains mostly water?Eyeballs

Before leading the biggest slave rebellion of Ancient Rome, what was Spartacus?Gladiator

The punic wars were fought by ancient Rome and what other ancient empire?Carthage

What is the champion Keira’s nickname?The Red Chameleon

Which ethnic group founded the earliest civilization of Mesopotamia?The Sumerians

The cone-shaped winds of tornadoes are notable for doing what?Spinning

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